cropped-cropped-dsc_022.jpgThese three pictures were taken with a digital camera on the evening of March 26, 2001, the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord. The photographer didn’t notice the images until after downloading them onto the computer. The photographer defers to the judgement of the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and the local ordinary regarding this matter. If there is one, regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, take a look at these “very interesting” photos. 

A silhouette arrayed in golden light appears in the first photo. Is this a picture of Mary, the Mother of Jesus? A blue mantle cloth appears at the corner right bottom of the sillouette.
23 mary


The second photo is not as clear. But here too a sillouette appears. Take a look at the top middle portion of this photo. There appears to be a face. Is this the face of Mary? The last photo is what the photographer saw in the family study room.

This is what the photographer saw taking all three digital photos: a plain picture of the door in the family study.

25 mary